Scroll and various special equipment are provided here to help the prey exert more power in the battle.

If you purchase scrolls and equipment from the shop, the exchange fee is 6%, and 94% of the store’s income will be returned to the reward pool.

Mysterious Scroll: You can randomly summon a 1-star prey with a random attribute, and there is a very small probability that a prey with a level of 1 star or higher will be summoned.

Energy potion: used to restore some energy

Performance props: temporarily increase "Health", "Attack", "Defense", "Speed"and other disposable items.

Equipment: prey can be equipped with five parts [helmet, armor, foot protection, ring, magic crystal], each part’s equipment may have four attributes: "Health", "Attack", "Defense", "Speed". Each part can only be equipped with one piece of equipment, and at most one prey is equipped with five Pieces.

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