Players put their prey on the battlefield to fight, and distribute rewards based on the Honor points they get.

💰Initial reward: The initial reward of the battlefield is 20 million BHUNT. The block reward is 2 BHUNT/block. It will be released approximately 347 days later.

💰Additional rewards: Additional rewards will increase the total amount of rewards for each block and extend the total release time on the battlefield.

Honor points is an inherent attribute of prey, and the initial honor points is 100.

On the battlefield, prey receive honor points awards in proportion. On the farm, get energy rewards proportionally. The farm and the battlefield cannot be entered at the same time.

🔑How to play

Step 1: Use this link to connect to your wallet and swap for BHUNT.

Step 2: Use BHUNT to purchase at least one prey on the marketplace. Remember to keep some BNB in ​​your wallet as a handling fee.

Step 3: Choose a prey to fight

Step 4: Choose a prey as your opponent

Step 5: Confirm your transaction and wait for the result of the battle

Step 6: If you win, you can claim your reward. Otherwise, you will lose 10 points of Energy

💥PVE mode

Challenge levels on the map of Atlans. If you have insufficient prey levels, you will not be able to enter certain boss levels. Every 10 levels has a boss level, defeat the boss to lose the "magic crystal" equipment, the "magic crystal" is equipped with its own skills, with skills, whether it is in pve or pvp, you can be better than others.

👹World boss:

Every night at 8 o'clock in the evening, the world boss will appear in the Atlans map, and all the hunters need to defeat it! The more damage you do to the world boss, the more rewards you will get.

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