Background story

A mysterious space-time crack spanned half of the Earth and appeared above the Pacific Ocean.

One day, there was an abnormal movement in the cracks of space-time. People vaguely saw a vast and magnificent ancient continent from the cracks, as well as some unseen species. People named this unknown continent "Atlantis."

The crack connects Atlantis and the Earth, and the chaos of space-time is intensifying day by day. Species in Atlantis can already enter the Earth through the cracks. Farm is invaded and wars continue. Humans are panicked because the survival of the Earth is at stake!

Many explorers decided to enter Atlantis for an expedition, trying to solve the problem of human survival. Fortunately, someone discovered a BHUNT element in Atlantis. The prey in the continent can be tamed by the BHUNT element.

At this point, everyone has become a Binahunter, tame the prey in the Atlantis continent, and then lead the tamed prey army to continue to conquer the Farm in Atlantis...

Trekking through the wilderness, endless expeditions, and beasts galloping open the curtain of the fantasy world, let's enjoy the hunting carnival together! Tame more ancient animals, compete for Farm and energy, and form the largest force in the ancient ecology!

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